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Date: Entry Time: Dive Time: Max. Depth:
Sun, 01-Mar-2015 14:27:00 7 minutes 11 feet
Dive Location: City / Island: Country:
Ginnie Springs High Springs, FL United States of America
Dan Lacher

Dive Profile for Dive # 125

Weather: Visibility: Altitude: Air Temp.:
Clear Good 0 ft - 3000 ft 72 °F
Water: Waves: Current: Water Temp.:
Fesh - - 72 °F
Tank Type: Tank Size: Gas Mixture: Avg. Depth:
Steel 84 cu ft - 21.88 ft
Start Pressure: End Pressure: Diff. Pressure: SAC Rate:
1770 psi 1620 psi 150 psi 98.3 cu ft/min
Dive Details:
Entry: Deco. Dive: Rep. Dive: Surface Interval:
Shore No Yes 00:05
Weight: Dive Suit: Dive Computer:
16 lbs 1-Piece Wetsuit EON Steel
Just burning up the rest of our air before the drive home. Dan came across a small flounder and we ended up harassing this little fish for a little while before heading out.
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